T+E = Married! Lodi Wedding Photographer, Stone Ranch Estates

Timur + Erica-101.jpg

T+E = Married!  Lodi Wedding Photographer, Stone Ranch Estates

I just knew when I met with T+E in my studio to chat about wedding photography that I would be in for something special on their big day.

And if you didn’t already see their engagement session featuring a bicycle built for two, you got to check this out!

So I was pretty excited when they big day at the Stone Ranch Estates finally arrived.  The venue was perfect.  The weather was just right.  It couldn’t get much better than this.

So sit back, take a look and enjoy…

Timur + Erica-104.jpg
Timur + Erica-111.jpg
Timur + Erica-116.jpg
Timur + Erica-124.jpg
Timur + Erica-127.jpg
Timur + Erica-141.jpg
Timur + Erica-148.jpg
Timur + Erica-165.jpg
Timur + Erica-146.jpg
Timur + Erica-160.jpg
Timur + Erica-188.jpg Timur + Erica-404.jpg
Timur + Erica-207.jpg
Timur + Erica-274.jpg
Timur + Erica-323.jpg
Timur + Erica-326.jpg
Timur + Erica-383.jpg
Timur + Erica-454.jpg
Timur + Erica-505.jpg
Timur + Erica-536.jpg
Timur + Erica-571.jpg
Timur + Erica-586.jpg
Timur + Erica-593.jpg
Timur + Erica-603.jpg
Timur + Erica-609.jpg
Timur + Erica-620.jpg
Timur + Erica-634.jpg


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  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful wedding and beautiful work. That dog is awesome!

  2. Catherine says:

    Your details and compositions are just stunning. Love the dog shot too!

  3. Linda Kahle says:

    these are beautiful! Love the brightness!

  4. Beautiful images! Love the last few shots in the garden.

  5. Eden says:

    Love all the colors! The bride is stunning!

  6. Lai says:

    Beautiful wedding! Love the details you captured.

  7. Lyndi says:

    How cute is their dog?? Lovely wedding!

  8. Katherine says:

    All of these pictures are wonderful, looks like it was a great day, but I gotta say the dog is my favorite picture of them all…I am a sucker for dogs

  9. What a beautiful ceremony!

  10. Leon Bailey says:

    That shot of the ring on the croquet ball (That is the name right? lol) was epic! Great wedding and you did an amazing job capturing this! 🙂

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