K+J = Married! Monte Verde Inn Wedding Photographer

Kevin + Jessica-101.jpg

Monte Verde Inn Wedding Photographer, Donna Beck Photography

Never heard of the town of Monte Verde?  Well it’s time for a road trip.  If you haven’t been up to this gorgeous little gem of a venue, you should go and take a look.  The Monte Verde Inn is a private estate that offers an all inclusive experience for brides and grooms.  It’s gorgeous.

And todays wedding was no exception.  Kevin and Jessica’s love story is one for the books.  They are one special couple and I had such a blast documenting their day.


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Kevin + Jessica-122.jpg
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  1. Kim says:

    Wow! Stunning wedding!

  2. Catherine says:

    This work is outstanding! You have such a gift for finding the important moments in a wedding, sharing the details and helping the viewer feel the joy and emotion in the day. Truly lovely!

  3. Nick T says:

    Beautifully captured wedding. Great work here and congratulations to the couple!

  4. Great photos!! So many wonderful detail photos! I love them all!

  5. Mary Peterson Cook says:

    Beautiful!!! She looks so incredibly happy. I love that wedding program, so unique.

  6. Kelly J says:

    Gorgeous wedding, and wonderfully captured 🙂

  7. Rebecca Anne says:

    What an adorable wedding! I love how energetic the bride seems!

  8. wani says:

    what a beautiful location and wedding with lots of great details – you really captured some beautiful moments – don’t think i’ve ever seen a happier bride 😀

  9. melanie says:

    Gorgeous photography! You didn’t miss a thing! I love the first look.

  10. sarah gee says:

    just beautiful, all around. your work is so spot-on and consistent. that location for their first look – jaw-dropping! and i love, love that last one. excellent!

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