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Roseville Back to School Mini Sessions, Donna Beck Photography

So it’s that time of year…school picture time!  For me, it’s dreaded.  I am not a fan of the colored backdrops.  And it never rails that they are calling my kid’s classroom right after she played wall ball at recess and now her hair is a mess.  So what is a photographer to do?  Simple, back-to-school sessions!

And I love to make these sessions quick, fun and also a way to capture that special time in your kiddo’s life.  So I always encourage students to bring something they love…a soccer ball, a band instrument, their favorite game…whatever they enjoy and we incorporate them into the session too.

If you are wondering what a mini-session is, it’s a shorter version of a custom session that moves at a fast pace focused on getting the shots that are most important to you.  Because it’s a shorter session it’s typically focused on capturing things like a cute phase, new photos for Grandma’s birthday, back-to-school pictures, or an updated family portrait for holiday cards.

I do offer mini-sessions at least 2 times per year typically focused on Back-to-School Mini Sessions and Holiday Mini Sessions and occasionally offer mini-sessions for Valentines Day and/or Easter too.  If you are interested in more information, you can contact me here.


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  1. Claudia says:

    What sweet images and you did such a great job capturing their personalities!

  2. Great stuff! You’re right the normal fall photos are really blah – these are great! Especially love the clarinet ones!

  3. sarah says:

    i never purchase my kids’ school pictures, because they’re pretty much always terrible! this is such a great way of getting FAR better yearly pictures of the kids. i would recommend this to all!!!

  4. Venus Blue says:

    beautiful photos. Love the ones with the clarinet.

  5. Ashley says:

    These back to school sessions are so sweet! I love the ones with the clarinet – what a fun way to incorporate this stage of their lives.

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