J+M = Engaged! Sacramento Wedding Photographer, Donna Beck Photography

Justin & Mary Ann Engagement-102.jpg

Sacramento Wedding Photographer, Donna Beck Photography

So if you have read my bio on my webpage (if you haven’t, you can by clicking here), you will know this.  If there’s one place I don’t belong, it’s in the kitchen.  Yes, that’s me…I set off fire alarms while boiling water.  I am THAT bad.  So when Justin shared with me he works at Ettorie’s I knew 2 things.  One, the dessert at this wedding is going to rock and two, this could make for  one fun engagement session.

So we started the session in J+M’s kitchen and had some fun decorating some cupcakes and a cake with a lot of giggles and kisses sprinkled on top (catch that?).  And then we headed outside and continued the session in the beautiful outdoor areas in Sacramento.


Justin & Mary Ann Engagement-104.jpg
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  1. I love this session! Love the creativity with the baking theme and those last shots with the sun and the field are killer!

  2. I looove this baking e-session, so much fun! Great work!

  3. Lolography says:

    Oh the baking part must have been a lot of fun!! They are so adorable! I love the lights on the outdoor pics, too!

  4. Larianne says:

    Having the e-session is the kitchen was such a cute idea!! Love the last 2 vertical photos 🙂

  5. sarah gee says:

    cute, cute, cute! love how you got creative with this – their names in the flour, etc. what a great session that really shows who they are:)

  6. Lai says:

    Oh my god! I love this engagement session, especially the cake baking theme ones. Love how you captured the details and the process of making cake!

  7. I love the baking session as well. It was so sweet and the love cupcake was a great added touch. I love cupcakes.

  8. lorena says:

    Cute idea! & that barn!! Love the colors.

  9. Marika says:

    Love these……

  10. Claudia says:

    This is a beautiful set! I love the idea of capturing everyday home life like these kitchen shots. The images are not only beautiful, but I’m sure they will carry special meaning for the couple as well. Great job!

  11. Cynthi says:

    I love the kitchen photos, but I super love the barn photos! 🙂 These are all so great, wonderful session!

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