An Unplugged Wedding or not? Here’s help to decide.


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To have an Unplugged Wedding or Not?  And you thought saying “I do” was the most important decision you’d make?  Read on…

To have an Unplugged Wedding or not?  That is the question I hear as much as any.  On one hand you don’t want to be insensitive to your guests but you also don’t want your professional pictures riddled with cell phones, tablets and other devices.

Let’s face it, if you hired a professional and did your due diligence in choosing once that you are confident in, you know you are in good hands. And regardless of most technology out there your photographer will have better quality pictures than your average Joe with a cell phone camera.    I have sat with many clients discussing this in depth trying to help them decide what’s right for their big day.  As I have always said, I am totally in support of what my client wants to do.  Here’s more on the subject from a past post I wrote a few years back:

So do you have an unplugged wedding for your big day?  I recently came across this great article that shares different perspectives on the subject and a great resource to help you decide.  Do you go Unplugged or Go All In?   It’s a great read to help you decide what’s right for your wedding day.



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